Admission Fee



1,000 JPY *Include 1 drink fee


2,500 JPY *Include 1 drink fee



2,000 JPY *Include 1 drink fee


3,000 JPY *Include 1 drink fee




100,000 JPY


Don Perignon ×2


Perrier-Jouet Bell Epoque ×2

Assorted fruit

Assorted charm



Mumm Grand Cordon ×1

Orange juice

Assorted fruit

*You can add 2,000JPY and change the Moët or Veuve.


wine(red or white) ×1

Assorted cheese


Premium VIP Sparkling ×2

Assorted fruit


Grey Goose ×1




Whiskey ×1

ENERGY DRINK(Redbull) ×6

*You can add 1,000JPY and change the CIROC VODKA.



Keihan Train

5 minutes walk from Sanjo Station / 10 minutes walk from Gion Shijo Station.

Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line

5 minutes walk from Kyoto City Hall Station.

Hankyu Train

10 minutes walk from Shijo Kawaramachi Station.



Please say "FS Kiyamachi Bld.3F-4F 179 Zaimokucho Sanjo KiyamachiDohri Chukyo-ku Kyoto 604-8017".

*京都府京都市中京区木屋町通 三条下ル材木町179 エフエス木屋町ビル6F (JP-Adress)


From Kansai International Airport / Itami Airport

From Itami airport to Itami airport line [Namba] (JR Namba [OCAT] line) to Namba. Take the Osaka Municipal Midosuji Line (Shin Osaka Line) until Yodoyabashi station. Take the Keihan main line limited express (premium car link) (Ichigaya Yan line) until Sanjo station.

From Kansai Airport to Kadoma-shi station by Osaka monorail (Kadoma-shi line). Take the Keihan Main Line (Hirakata City Line) to Hirakata station. Take the Keihan main line limited express (premium car link) (Demachiyanagi line) until Sanjo station.


From Sanjo station

Cross the Sanjyo Bridge from Sanjo Station, turn left for first traffic light.


※ We are asking everyone ID check (presentation of ID card) when entering. It is valid only for the identity (identity card) in your name.
Also, if you can not confirm the ID, we may not be able to enter by our judgment.
Also, if you are finding lending / borrowing ID or using ID other than yourself, you may be sent off immediately, you may be banned from entering.
※ If you get caught in a problem inside the store, please inform the staff soon. In addition, gangsters and gangsters like wind and antisocial forces and organizations can not enter.
※ Do not bring food or drinks such as plastic bottles or food. In addition, we refuse to use and bring in drugs, regardless of whether prohibited by law or not.
In case any drugs are brought in, we will immediately report to the local police station. Please note that we can not accept responsibility for accidents / troubles such as injuries and fights.
Those who were inconvenienced by other customers, those who were raised in our shop (fighting / molesting, theft, illegal act etc) are instantly leaving regardless of whatever reason, let me assume entry and exit Let's eat.
※ Do not fall asleep in the store or sit on the floor directly.
※ If you are a brute force or a molester, or who acted like a woman dislikes you, leave it.
In case of malicious intent, we will prohibit entry. I will not refund anything in that case.
If you have received any of the above actions or if you see it, please contact the staff for consultation. It will be judgment of the side which received the action.
※ Please keep valuables in lockers or manage them yourself. In our case, we will not take any responsibility in lost or stolen.
Inquiries such as lost articles / lost items will be handled only during business hours. Please note.
※ In our shop photographing and recording by the camera · video etc. inside the shop of the one not permitted Please protect your privacy · Please note that we are refusing any rights for the protection of the portrait rights of the artists.
※ We are refusing to sell alcoholic beverages to the guests of the driver coming by car.
Please note that beverages for drivers coming by car will only correspond to soft drinks.
※ We refuse admission of those who judged that our shop is inappropriate.

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